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We Understand the Transcription Business

Woman_LaptopAs with most industries the medical transcription, and other transcription services have evolved significantly in recent years. With medical and other professions stretched to their limits transcription services are required to be faster, more accurate and more robust than ever before.

The demand for better transcription process management has resulted in a streamlined process that any high level transcription service organization will welcome. The LooPro cloud workflow platform connects each segment of your transcription process together resulting in a cohesive process regardless of whether your staff is on site or working from remote locations.

Nine Special Exclusives You Should Know About LooPro

  • LooPro is truly web-based – This means accessibility you, your clients or your staff all can access the system from any internet ready device, without having to install any SW
  • LooPro is a complete solution – With LooPro, we don’t just offer a file exchange platform, we automate your workflow and let you manage your entire business online.
  •  LooPro is feature rich – Only LooPro offers a systematic approach to every potential scenario, thus eliminating oversight, intervention and human error; making total automation possible
  • LooPro is intuitive – Simply put, we’ve removed guess work by labeling each function using plain language resulting in no training requirements
  •  LooPro is scalable – With LooPro you can add an infinite number of users at any time.  You are in control.
  • LooPro is reliable – Our cloud service is based on dedicated servers in a tier 1 datacenter and on the same power grid as a hospital and an Int’l airport, located in a major city in N.A. (2013/14 –  100% uptime)
  • LooPro is secure –  We apply a range of commercially available solutions like secure site, encryption, anti-intrusions and alike, as well as internally developed protocols that monitors traffic and logs vital information to protect your data. We meet and exceed HIPAA requirements.
  • LooPro is sophisticated – If you are serving the medical community your clients will have the option to view their document with hypertext links to National Library of Medicine or look up drugs and conditions right from their workspace using integrated MedLine Plus. (A service of the U.S. National Institute of Health)
  • Best pricing available – Low fixed monthly rates, based on number of users you need. No guess work, no per line charges, no per MB data transfer, etc.


It’s everything you’ve been wanting in a project management software. It’s a systematic solution for every aspect of your operation, like capturing and managing customer accounts, staff registration and assignments, file recovery, invoice automation based on individual account rules/rates and much more.


  • Choose a client template to transcribe to


More Features

  • —Much more than a simple job-distribution-software.
  • —Capture and manage customer accounts, staff registration and assignments.
  • —Invoice automation based on individual account rules/rates.
  • —User-friendly. Requires little or no training.
  • —Anyone can access and manage their work from any web-accessible device.
  • Lost file recovery.
  • —Truly web-based and requires no installation .


LooPro Includes Medical Informatics in our service

  • Doculink
  • —We’ve invested a significant amount of our resources in development of state-of-the-art technologies that streamline the day-to-day operations of medical facilities. We realize that Medical Informatics is an integral part of your practice, so we’ve integrated National Library of Medicine “MeSH Headings” into Clinicians documents.
  • Medline Plus
  • —LooPro® is integrated with clinical decision support provided by Medline Plus enabling Clinicians to research various health topics and drug facts directly and easily through their interface.

Added Extras

  • —Workspace and Archived Record pages are designed to keep end-users well organized.
  • —Transcription progress can be monitored in real-time, priority levels can be changed, before or after submission, issues identified and alerts generated systematically, and much more, without tracking people or engaging in unnecessary exchanges.
  • —Clinicians can capture and exchange patient health records with their peers or staff instantaneously and without software installation or traditional limitations posed by installed software, regardless of party’s locations.
  • —Health records can be easily exchanged, without formatting issues, directly from the system, without downloading requirements, and from any web-accessible device. (I.e. iPhone or smart phone).
  • —Search and Archival component will allow for easy access and retrieval, while the length of storing patients records are controlled directly by the clinicians.

Enterprise Solutions from LooPro

  • –Ideal for hospitals, agencies or corporate environments.
  • –Develop custom features to save time and money.
  • –Enhance App or interface experience.
  • –Develop custom branding.
  • –Provide more control for each user group.
  • –Setup an exclusive system on a private server.
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