LooPro Background


LooPro is a US Based Corporation with a highly skilled and experienced team of system engineers, application developers and administrators; all passionate about creating electronic tools and solutions that exceed today’s standards of care.

We bring a background of over 15 years in the medical and transcription service industry and have applied this experience to our cloud based workflow management system.

Our goal was to improve workflow while reducing operating costs. We have since built and deployed the most customizable, virtual workflow system in the marketplace.

The LooPro platform was built on Microsoft NET framework, designed for integration, scalability, portability, security and interoperability between applications, systems and devices.

We also utilize a Microsoft® SQL Server database, to assure your data is maintained accurately and in the most reliable fashion. MS SQL Servers provide a high level of performance and agility.



More About Transcription

If you’re one of the people who think transcription services are going the way of the dinosaur all you need to do is “Google” transcription services to see the pages and pages of companies making a good living in this field.  While it’s true some medical professionals are trying to do it themselves using new technology, the reality is that this technology has it’s flaws just as most automated processes will.

One of the key reasons many professionals have opted to “do it themselves” is speed.  Busy people often have trouble with the old lead times high quality transcription takes.  This is exactly why LooPro is an ideal system for transcription services.  It reduces the time-lag that happens so often when managing the transcription process.  LooPro’s streamlined operating system cuts days off a typical project and allows managers to do more with less resources.