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Incredible ProductivityAny size transcription business can handle more projects in the most efficient way possible.
Complete Project ManagementManage each step of your transcription process on LooPro.
Manage More Work with Less EffortWith LooPro, the transcription process almost runs itself.
Quickly Transcribe to TemplatesOnce jobs are assigned transcriptionists can use client preferred templates to deliver text files.
Deliver Projects Faster, With Less ErrorsTrack MT productivity and accuracy to deliver on-time and on-target.



Welcome to LooPro

If you manage transcription services you’re well aware of the extreme detail and many intricacies of each client that make your day to day operations difficult at best. It can be impossible to create an in-house system to keep track of each project and satisfy every customer’s requirements. LooPro was created for you.
LooPro is a powerful Cloud-based transcription portal that integrates you, the manager – the transcriptionist – and the client into a streamlined system created by transcription experts for you. It’s a low cost investment that will save you incredible time and improve your customer service levels.

If you’re involved in any type of transcription service… You’ve got to investigate LooPro
More About LooPro

Staff ManagementAdd new transcriptionists, assign jobs manually or automatically.  Measure by line or audio time..

Client ManagementSet up new clients, no software for clients to install. Clients get view of all jobs and status.

Workflow ManagementMonitor every step of a transcription project.  Recognize which TMs are the most productive and most accurate

LooPro is Ideal for:


The medical profession is by far the heaviest user of transcription services. LooPro streamlines the process. HIPAA Compliant.


Lawyers and judges manage volumes of case details with transcription services that help them sort out material.


Company leaders need to maximize their time and effort. Transcription services help them utilize every second of the day wisely.


Whether you're in engineering, manufacturing or any other complex category. LooPro can help you integrate transcription into the business.


Authors and editors can work in real time using professional transcription services. LooPro allows all entities to track books and articles efficiently.


The global marketplace requires companies to communicate in multiple languages. Combine translation and transcription within LooPro.

Our Clients Say

"We can manage our entire operation regardless of where we are!"

Laura Lingel, COO MedCentricity Corporation

"Using my iPhone I applied a credit, and clicked “Update” …done!"

Laura Lingel, COO MedCentricity Corporation

"With LooPro our staff has been able to work from virtual offices."

Laura Lingel, COO MedCentricity Corporation

"LooPro tracks MT output and compensation is calculated automatically."

Laura Lingel, COO MedCentricity Corporation

A Custom Interface for Transcriptionists, Clients and Administrators

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I Have to Buy and Download LooPro Software?

For the most part no.  There is no software required other than your standard web browser with current security features.  You can also access your account via mobile on your mobile browser.  We do foresee apps being released for IOS and Android and for these devices you would need to download the app, but no other software.


Do I have to pay upload or phone charges?

No.  The LooPro system is set up so that your files can be of any size and it will not affect the price you pay.  You can upload voice, data or record over the phone in any size of length.  This allows you to easily determine what your transcription business expenses will be upfront and not be concerned about projects that may come out to be larger than planned.


What kind of commitment is required to get started with LooPro?

There is no upfront investment or long term commitment to use LooPro.  You can get started with a minimal monthly fee and expand your service as you add clients and suppliers.


How secure is the LooPro system and my data?

The LooPro system is housed on it’s own secure servers, not at a hosting site with thousands of other websites.  The system is on Microsoft’s NET framework, designed for integration, scalability and high security measures.  We utilize Microsoft’s SQL server database technology to deliver consistent data securely and reliably to you and your clients.


Does LooPro have options for large business?

LooPro’s enterprise solutions can customize a transcription management system that fits with your current company workflow.  LooPro’s “SuperAdmin” interface delivers more functionality than anything you may have seen thus far. Great for hospitals, legal firms, translation services and other high volume businesses.  Click HERE to learn more about LooPro’s Enterprise Solutions.


What type of support can I expect from LooPro?

Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. We think our system is very intuitive and once you have worked through the interface you should be very comfortable with the operations. Should you have problems or concerns, LooPro support is a phone call away.



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